Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Woodland Christmas Tree

Hello everyone! Finally got my tree up, and as you can see, it is heavily inspired by nature. Of course it is!  I found myself gleefully snapping away, wanting to show you every little ornament on the tree; but I managed to check myself and just go with these.  I am so proud to have some of my own handmade ornaments on the tree this year (all the mushroom ornaments!).  I think they look right at home with the little wired on birds, birds nests tucked into the branches, grapevine stars, and folk art churches.  Oh, I love my tree! am I allowed to say that?

I have a theory about Christmas trees.  I think they reflect a person's true personal style.  Or they certainly can anyway.  I have ornaments for 3 or 4 different themed trees - a candy themed tree for the boys (that was last year)  a winter wonderland theme all in white, blues and silver for my husband, a traditional tree with Santa and snowmen and candy canes, etc.  But this one is my favorite!  This is my tree.  I hope to create a few more handmade ornaments for it if I have time, but so far every spare moment has been spent shopping, baking, or decorating!

I wonder if you agree with my little theory.  Take a look at your tree.  What does it say about you?  I'd love to see yours!  Send me some pix, won't you?

Happy Christmas-ing everyone!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Welcome, December

Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is beginning to tiptoe its way into our little woodland cottage.  No tree yet.  I will wait a bit longer for that.  But, a few small touches of holiday cheer here and there are nice.  Never is our little home more cozy and comfortable than at this time of year.

After all the flurry of cooking and preparation for having our family over for the Thanksgiving meal, things have once again settled into a quiet, comfortable rhythm here.   A small break before we get caught up in the Christmas whirlwind.  While everyone else I know went shopping on Friday, we stayed home, sat by the fire, ate leftovers, napped,  and I experimented with paint and stitch.  Can you recognize this bird?  It is suppose to be an English robin!  I need to work on my drawing skills, I think :)  You may remember that I have tried this technique before on this fish.  I really enjoyed making it, so I am exploring the technique again in hopes of maybe creating some woodland themed Christmas ornaments.  We'll see.

How about you?  Do you have any holiday projects in the works?