Saturday, February 28, 2015


They say that Gratitude is the wellspring of Joy.
So, today I am thankful for......

banana bread fresh out of the oven

quiet, early morning creative time (whilst munching on aforementioned banana bread - tee hee!)

the incredible freshness and beauty that is spring!!

my first sale!! thank you Constanza :)

new projects in the works that make me really excited!! I can't wait to see if it turns out like I imagine it in my head

the sweet, wonderful creativity and generosity of friends.......this is Bugsy.  You may recognize this sweet little guy from Penny's blog Art Journey.  He has recently come to live with us, and I think he is quite happy here.  Here he looks a tad disappointed not to find any bugs under this log, but the poor dear didn't realize that it's a petrified log :)

So now he is busying himself with inspecting the houseplants.....careful Bugsy! that one's tricksy!!

And finally, I am so very grateful for the outpouring of support I received after my last post.  I am no longer all alone in the world of social media!! Thank you to each and everyone who found me and friended me on Facebook this week and for all the encouraging and uplifting comments I received.  My heart is just so full of gratitude today.  And you are a very big part of that. Thank you!!


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Chiiiirp Chiiiiiirp

So.  This week I finally joined the rest of the civilized world and got myself a Facebook page. So far, it's pretty quiet over there.

oh. and I also opened a little shop on Etsy.

I whisper that.  I'm afraid to say it out loud.  Can it be true?  It's a dream I've carried for so long, I hardly know how to feel now that it has happened.  It certainly doesn't feel the way I thought it would.  My fledgling flight into the world of artistic entrepreneurship is fraught with more anxiety than exhilaration.  I am afraid of failure, but I am also afraid of success. ?????? do you do that too?

Now I know how all the little baby birds feel when it is finally time to leave the nest.  I understand all the questions that must flood their wee brains.  Where will I land?  What if I can't fly????!!!  What the crap made me think I could???? What if I fall?  What then? Everything at that moment is an absolute unknown.  And still they jump and spread their wings's the key.....they trust.

I never realized how brave they are.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Saying Grace

Little Bunny is gazing heavenward and whispering a prayer of thanksgiving for the lovely carrot and cabbages he has found. The latest of my tiny worlds. bunny, carrot, toadstools and container all crafted from paper clay and accented with tiny plastic pink flowers from the floral department.

Bringing you a little bit of spring on a frigid February afternoon :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Morning is my favorite time of the day.  It's my quiet time.  My very best thinking time.  And I am blessed to be the only early riser in my family, so I get to have my mornings all to myself.  I have noticed changes in the mornings here recently.  Spring is in the air, even on the coldest mornings.  I can feel it.  Perhaps it is the angle of the sun or the chorus of birdsong so very early.  It is the earliest stirrings of awakening from the long sleep of winter, and I feel a kind of hopeful anticipation growing all around me.  The same feeling I have every morning of a fresh new day.  It's amazing to me how life repeats itself in cycles all around us.  Our lives, the seasons, a new day, all follow the same cycle of birth and life and sleep and renewal. Isn't that just a wonderful thought?

Have you read Tuck Everlasting? It is a magical, beautifully written story about a girl who discovers the secret to eternal life and then has to decide if she wants to live forever....or not.  I read it in one evening - couldn't put it down.  If you're looking for a good read, I highly recommend it.

Wishing you all a lovely Valentine's Day this weekend.  Share a little love with absolutely everyone you can.  The world needs more love in it.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Upcycling: Altered Art Tin (Can)

"Renewal" Altered art tin by Starr White

Inspired by all the wonderful altered art I've seen on Pinterest, I decided to give it a try and alter a little tin can myself.  It represents renewal - new life for an old tin can and the coming of spring all rolled into one! The little bunny which looks like a guinea pig with large ears is my first anything-other-than-toadstools attempt at sculpting. I love him. and his tiny pink toadstools. 

What do you think of altered art?  I think it's fabulous, and if I knew how to weld or solder, no piece of rusty junk would be safe around me.  I see lots of altered art sculptures at the museums, and they always fascinate me.  Once, we saw a T-rex made entirely out of recycled metal that looked like it had been liberated from a junk yard.  It was wonderful!!  That was years ago, and ever since then, I have had a desire to do something with junk.  Something on a much smaller scale.  And finally here it is.  Not a T-rex, but a sweet little bunny pig munching on tiny lichen cabbages.  Recycled - my way:))))