Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Great Expectations

Oh, if only you could smell them!! There are not words to express how beautiful, how glorious they are and how extremely happy they make me.  Garden bliss.  Pink peony heaven!  And it is all the better because this is the first year I have had any success with them.

Life is good. These days I paint with flowers and vegetables and my needle is a spade and fork.  The garden is burgeoning. Great expectations indeed! Blueberry pies and pear preserves dance in my head like sugarplums.  A hot buttered biscuit topped with homemade pear preserves is one of the true joys of life!  We are already harvesting lettuce every day, and I'm wishing I had planted more.  Every meal except breakfast is planned around lettuce! And no one is complaining! It's so crisp and yet tender and sweet.......forgive me. I swoon.  I love my garden.  It is more than just a garden.  It is art.  It is refuge.  It is therapy.  It is worship - a spiritual connection with my Creator.  A cooperative work with the ultimate and original Artist.  He who made all things is making a garden with me. An awesome and humbling thought.

Thank you for your very kind and generous comments on my previous post.  I so loved Elizabeth and Her German Garden, I wonder if you know of any similar books you could recommend? I'm looking for some good summer reading.

Wishing you sunshine and flowers!

Friday, May 1, 2015

"The garden is the place I go to for refuge and shelter, not the house.  In the house are duties and annoyances, servants to exhort and admonish, furniture, and meals;  but out there blessings crowd round me at every step -- it is there that I am sorry for the unkindness in me, for those selfish thoughts that are so much worse than they feel; it is there that all my sins and silliness are forgiven, there that I feel protected and at home, and every flower and weed is a friend and every tree a lover.  When I have been vexed I run out to them for comfort, and when I have been angry without just cause, it is there that I find absolution.   Did ever a woman have so many friends?  And always the same, always ready to welcome me and fill me with cheerful thoughts.  Happy children of a common Father, why should I, their own sister, be less content and joyous than they?"

                                                                                            ----Elizabeth and Her German Garden

Another thrifting treasure that practically reached out to me from the dusty shelves at a flea market.  A tiny little book with brittle brown pages so fragile that I have to take care when turning them.  Words spoken by a kindred spirit from the past bring two souls together for a moment in time. Magical.  

I shall have peonies this year!! I'm so happy.  They have been transplanted a couple of times before finally finding a spot where they are happy, and this year they will reward me with the gift of their flowers.  It's childish I know, but like Elizabeth, I too think of my flowers as friends. Friends who never judge me and who are not so easily offended. And other than a good spot where they get the proper amount of sunshine and rain, they ask very little.

We are collecting butterflies!! Such fun. My youngest is very enthusiastic and goes out every day with the homemade butterfly net I made for him and hunts his fluttering prey.  I would feel guilty about it if not for the fact that we have been studying insects and learned that they only live for a few weeks anyway.  Besides, it's in the interest of science! Now we are on the hunt for all sorts of bugs to mount and label and frame.  He is planning his own show on Animal Planet.  The next Steve Irwin - only with butterflies.

And now the sun is up and the birds are singing and the garden is calling to me.  There are beans to be planted and twine to be strung for them to climb on.  Another batch of gourd seeds have been soaked overnight and will be planted out today.  Only 3 of the first batch sprouted, so we will try once more.  And we are keen to grow some pumpkins, so those will also be sown today.  Lots to do! The narrow window of planting time is closing fast for us.  Soon it will be too hot for tiny seedlings to survive, so we must hurry and plant everything we mean to for this year.  

What are you planting in your garden?