Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Gourd Garden

Do you remember the rustic trellis we built back in April?  It is now supporting a crop of gorgeous, green, bottle-shaped gourds and is surrounded by pumpkins, sunflowers, and zinnias.  I have fallen completely in love with the gourds! I love the baby ones that are covered in a soft, downy fuzz.  I love their heart-shaped leaves, delicate curling tendrils, and voluptuous fruits.  I love their emerald green color.  I love them so much, I was inspired to break out the watercolors and have a go at sketching them.

If all goes well and we dry them properly, we will have a bumper crop of gourds to paint and play with in the fall.  My oldest has discovered pyrography and hopes to be able to practice his new hobby on them.  In the meantime, I have commissioned a bunch of garden stakes to get him started, and he seems to be getting the hang of it.

I have my usual case of the mid-summer mullygrubs, so I haven't been doing very much on the creative side.  It happens every year.  My creativity and inspiration always seems to dry up in the heat of summer, but I did very much enjoy playing with the watercolors again.  I'm rusty, and need a lot of practice! So, maybe I will paint more gourds.  I recently discovered the wonderful work of artist-illustrator Holly Ward Bimba which also inspired me to try sketching again.  She is a fellow nature lover, and like me, seems to be fascinated by the small things that often go overlooked by most.  She looks closely and carefully and paints with a crisp, clean, and uncluttered style that I truly admire. Looking at her work makes me want to work harder to improve my skills!