Sunday, May 21, 2017

Garden Notes - May

Though there are tomatoes, peppers, and herbs hiding in there somewhere still, the "vegetable patch" has been overtaken by flowers. Can't help myself.

We've been enjoying very beautiful weather over the last couple of months.  With warm, sunny days and cool nights, the garden is rejoicing.  All but the first two photos are of the new bed with wattled borders that we built over the winter.  It was part gardening project, part history project, part construction project.  My boys helped me build the wattled border walls, line them with landscape fabric, and gather rich topsoil from the woods to fill it with.  It was a lot of work, but it was fun, and the result is a rich and well-draining soil the plants seem to love.  It was a good lesson for our homeschooling family as well.  We learned that with hard work, creativity, and borrowing from the knowledge of the past,  you can make something really beautiful with very little money.  I've been snapping photos like mad, wanting to paint everything I see! Especially this fabulous red poppy.  This is the very first poppy I've ever been able to grow, and I freely admit to swooning over it shamelessly.  I have dubbed her the May Queen as she is definitely the queen of our little garden at present.  I have a feeling she may be dethroned in June when that giant of a sunflower towering over the garden in the first photo comes into bloom! I can't wait. Yes I can. Slow down time! slow down! I want to savor every blossom, every petal, every leaf. every day.

Blessings, friends!


Jules Woolford said...

Oh this is so lovely! I'm happy that you're getting your garden just as you wish!x

Michelle said...

I love your garden! Nothing like flowers and vegetables together! I have had limited success growing poppies, though I love them!

Wynette Vass said...

Beautiful garden! We just had another snow storm last week and I am praying all the lavender I planted the week prior did not die. I attempted to begin sprouting some poppies in February in doors but the cat destroyed them right as they were beginning to sprout. The husband has a task to build an indoor greenhouse shelf that is cat proof.

Your family project turned out so wonderful. I love how you guys take on such creative yet historical projects!