Wednesday, May 31, 2017


This is the time of the year in the deep South when things tend to slow down a little bit.  It's so hot and humid, the weather dictates a slower and more relaxed pace.  Nothing can be planted or sown now until the heat subsides in late August-early September, so there's nothing to do in the garden but weed and water and harvest and enjoy. Oh, and there's the constant surveillance of the tomatoes, keeping a keen eye out for the tomato hornworm.  We went away for the weekend and I came home to find one of my plants eaten almost down to the ground! They are voracious little creatures and when I find one, I pick it off and feed it to the fish in the creek pool.  Apparently, they are quite a tasty treat, because the fish swarm in a feeding frenzy until every last bit is gone.

One of my summer  projects is to document all of the flowers in my garden as they come into bloom by sketching them in my new little watercolor sketchbook. It will be good practice and will result in a sort of art and garden journal.  I think I might even make notes on the back of the page about each plant and any ideas for next year such as planting some daisies alongside the yellow calla lilies.  Wouldn't that be a smashing combination!  I'm also experimenting with creating my own flower pots from hypertufa; a mix of concrete, perlite, and peat moss.  I made two small ones yesterday and they are now curing.  They have to cure for at least two weeks before I can remove them from their molds to see what I've got, and the anticipation is killing me. I'm sure I will be peeking before the two weeks is up.  If they turn out decently, I'll share some photos :)   I've also made a couple more kokedama like the one in the photo above, except I am now experimenting with little rex begonias I grew from leaf cuttings.  So, lots of little projects going on here and there this summer.   There will also be lots of sitting on the porch in the shade, sipping cool drinks, reading, floating in the creek pool looking up at the blue sky through the green bower above.  Aaaaah summer. relax. enjoy. savor.


Michelle said...

Lovely colors of nature in each of your shots. Also love your artwork. I do hope you will share your flower pots when they are finished. Something I would be interesting in doing.

Studio Maywyn said...

Beautiful photos. Your sketchbook project is a good way of extending the garden season in art. Thank you.
I'm going to start one for this summer's flowers.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Oh how beautiful! So glad to see you are back blogging my friend! I simply adore your paintings!!!

Hugs to you!
Michelle and the Bunnies

Kit said...

Hello! I have just found your blog, and instantly fell in love with all your photos and drawings. I look forward to future posts. :) Kit

Jules Woolford said...

I love it all! Those poppies - and that moth - and your lovely sketches! It's truly a wonderland here!x

Jeri Landers said...

Starr, Just visited your post below and I am thrilled with your wattle border fence, great job. I just love those fences, though gathering the wood can be a pain... but you have helpers! I relate to your excitement over the fine poppy plant. I never have any luck with poppy seeds, so imagine my surprise at finding ONE lone poppy plant in my slope garden, surrounded by towering coneflowers.. If I had not walked by at that very moment, I may never have seen the one red bloom. Love that you're recording your flowers in a journal, I am so impressed with your foxglove painting.