Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Blacksmith and the Yellow Dahlia

My oldest son fell in love with the art of blacksmithing at the tender age of 5.  His school took a field trip to beautiful and historic Ft. Toulouse in Wetumpka, Alabama when he was in kindergarten, and the moment he stepped into the blacksmith's shop he was awestruck.  This dark, cool, and shadowy place with the fiery forge billowing at its heart, captivated his young heart and mind with magic and mystery.  He's now 14 years old, and his dream of working in this very blacksmith shop has come true. He is beaming, full of passion and enthusiasm, learning to love the satisfaction that comes with hard work, and becoming a fine young man. As a mother, this makes my heart smile from its deepest roots to the top of my head and up to the heavens.  My boy.

After many days of wonderful, life-giving rains, the woods are bursting with mushrooms.  I've taken so many pictures! Just had to share one of my favorites from this week.  And the dahlias...... Oh my Lord.  Just when I think I've seen the most beautiful and breathtaking flower God ever created (the poppies!!) along comes this impossible yellow dahlia.  It's like looking into the face of the sun.  I had to try to sketch it.  Oh how I wish my fingers could render those petals like cool yellow flames!  Mine is stiff and stodgy.  The real thing is a goddess. Mine is Winston Churchill. (no offense, I love Winston Churchill - have you read any biographies about him? fascinating man) but I didn't want to sketch Churchill. I wanted Aphrodite in a flower.  I'll get there one day.


Kit said...

Just look at that Dahlia! So gorgeous! My youngest loves them so much. Wonderful news about your son, we never know what will plant the spark in our children. With my oldest it was the love of travel and it is now her business. Have a lovely week! Kit

Barbara said...

Wonderful! Both the flower, your painting, and news about your SON!

Janet said...

Delightful as always!

Tammie Lee said...

I loved hearing about your son and his passion. How wonderful that it has continued on. I think blacksmith-ing is a fine art and business.

Lovely glimpses. I crave more mushrooms, so far it is slim pickings here. Though I did find some edible oyster mushrooms this weekend.

Valerie Gardiner said...

Hi Starr, once again you find some fascinating subjects to photograph and I love the story of your son. My nephew Sebastian had the same experience and carried it through to an welding apprenticeship when he left school. He was able to work and save enough money in 3 years to take a year off to travel to Asia. He is coming home soon and looking forward to getting back to work. Good luck to your son, I'm sure with the passion he feels he will be a great success. Thanks to you too for visiting my blog and your kind comments. We are back home from our travels now and I'm busy scanning ready to post my sketches.

Jeri Landers said...

WELL< where to begin.... I love WInston Churchill, just watched "The Gathering Storm".
Any garden and nature person cannot help but be utterly amazed at God's creation. Just the other day I was collecting seeds from a dwarf Hollyhock and in absolute wonder at the tiny, donut shape that separates into a dozen perfect little seeds.Place one in the ground and up comes another gorgeous plant! It's so miraculous.
Your son has chosen a wonderful occupation, or hobby, whatever way he hopes to take it. I've seen many blacksmiths in my days of craft and art shows. The skill is timeless,historic and satisfying to those who practice it. That is a marvelous Smithy shop!